Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love to throw a party. I cannot wait to do my summer entertaining. I have a NEED to call up friends, plan the menu, set up the buffet table, find all the little extras that make my parties special from the average backyard potluck.

It is all in the preplanning. This is half the fun for me. To put on a party that is both effortless yet looks like it took forever with tons of tiny details. This is a challenge don't get me wrong however stressful, other times tricky, and often times irritating when things just wont fall into place but all this leads up to the great moment when the first guests arrive, the first drinks are poured and all I have to do is sit back relax and let the conversations go where they will. Nothing compares to a well thought out gathering.

It is this effortlessness that I would like to help my friends with. If like me you lean toward entertaining I think you'll be inspired by my sale. I will have tons of inspiration to help you along the way to your first summer gathering of this season.

Here are some pictures that I didn't have time to load before the sale. Thank you for all of you that came out this last RAINY weekend for the first sale of the season. I hope to amaze you all with another brilliant sale on June 11th, 12th, and 13th.
In this upcoming sale I will be featuring Summer Entertaining as my theme. Get ready for your summer events at this sale. We will be showcasing canvas market umbrellas, lush planters, white serving platters, creative beverage service, crisp vintage linens, chic rustic pieces and garden accessories. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks of projects that I am doing and a couple recipes of my favorite summer salads.