Saturday, March 5, 2011

New weekend project...

My new project...

This great chaise lounge I picked up at the Junk Salvation Show last month.  My friend Diane (Molly Mo's)got me a screaming deal on it.  The chair has really great bones to it but it needs an overhaul.  I had originally envisioned this chaise in a dove gray canvas but when I got down to it today I fell in love with this champagne silk that I dug out of my mom's closet of magic.  It never ceases to amaze me what she can pull out of that closet of hers.  I have learned two things recently NEVER go to the store without first checking mom's closet and the second is whatever I do find is ALWAYS cheaper to get from her than at the store. (it's either free or I can put it on mommycredit to pay at a later date) 

In starting my project today I got out some wrapping paper and made temporary patterns.  I then cut out the patterns giving lots of allowance for mistakes.

Next I laid out the fabric pieces on the chair where they would eventually go.

My mom and I spent several hours pinning and re-pinning the pieces together.
Then finally sewed the pieces together.

My mom's mischievous cat Charlie thought it would test out the chaise tonight after I was finished for the day.  Why didn't I think of that? (probably cause there are like 50 pins still in that pillow)  I have several more steps to do but this is as far as I got today. 

I hope to finish up tomorrow and I'll post to show how it all came together.  I'm hoping that I got through the tough stuff today because it was a LOT more challenging of a project than I had originally anticipated.  I'm not good at slow and stead wins the race.  I'm more a hurry up and lets get to the next thing kind of person. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Barn House Inspiration

This last weekend I headed up to Battleground Washington with my mom and friend Kim.  As usual those Barn House Boys really know how to stage a venue.  I have a new favorite in Sparrow too who was their guest vendor for the show.  Everything was so fresh with clean lines yet maintain that warm and open feeling you get with all their sales.  I did come away with some great finds for my house and some inspiration for some new pillows that I have been pondering.  Here's how my pillows turned out...

Basket to the left is a Barn House find.

The buttons on the ticking pillows are actually black checker pieces that I drilled holes into to create upcycled buttons.  The fabric was from some drapes that I tore apart.

This great 70's fabric was one of my purchases from the Ruffles and Rust show I went to last week.

Extra large queen size pillow with checker buttons.

Thanks for checking in!