Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh Baby Oh Baby

So for the past week I have been a little absent in the blog world because I have been in my yard soaking up the beautiful weather, getting new bark dust, planting new plants, weeding my garden, cleaning my outdoor furniture and gearing up for a baby shower that I was to host today for one of my best friends.  I was so looking forward to hosting a delightful event in my spruced up backyard...  Well I woke up to RAIN!!!  You Oregonians know you cannot EVER count on a good day of weather here but I had hope.  However I didn't let it get to me and here are some pictures of how it turned out

Inside each thank you gift guest received a candle made by Roost Reimagined

 Cookies made by Roost Reimagined
 Chocolate 6 layered cake made by Momma Roost
 Napkins by friend of Mommy to be
 Fun Champagne Bar

 H2O spoon accent by Roost Reimagined (Available at August 5th and 6th show)
 I have always wanted to host something with these paper straws.  They are so cute and simplistic but add such a flair.  I got these from Hey Yoyo at they had the best rates on the straws.

 Bingo cards made by Roost Reimagined.  The B I N G O font was from
 These adorable shoes are none other than mine :) I actually mean that yes they were mine when I was a toddler.  My mom just found them this week and brought them over.
 Super cute vintage baby scale I bought at a local store called Aunt Bee's House.   There aren't a lot of things that have made the list of  Won't Ever Sell with me but this has become one of those items.  I have used and abused this darling thing.

 Cute burlap banner was made by friend of mommy to be.
 Banner made by Roost Reimagined

Diaper Cake made by Roost Reimagined (yes that cake is sitting on an old cheese lid)
I just found that at the Antique Show at Portland Expo last weekend.  Man that was a GREAT day that I spent with Dianne of Molly Mo's I found so much cool stuff that I will be putting out at the next Roost Show August 5th and 6th

Thursday, July 14, 2011