Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tomorrow is the day...

Tomorrow is the Pre-show Black Autumn party.  The show opens at 4:00pm and goes until 8:00pm.  The Roost barn is absolutely stunning stuffed full to the brim.

I have a special guest vendor at the show this year.  This amazing artist is so humble about his pieces.  He walks the line of contemporary and vintage and uses lots of upcycled products in his pieces that I just love.  His works have continued to adapt with each new medium that he pushes.  Here is a little bio and did I mention that he is my little brother?

Introducing Ben Stauber 

"I am a person who believes in three very important things: positive attitude, faith and compassion. I have what's called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is a genetic disease that weakens my muscles as time goes on. It could be very easy to have a negative attitude, but honestly, where would that get me? I am confined to a wheelchair, require the use of a ventilator, a breathing machine at night, I need help with simple physical tasks that the average person takes for granted and… I am thankful for each day that I am given."

"Encouragement from my sister and mother has caused me to focus on my drawing more lately. My sister is owner of Roost Reimagined and has offered to display my art in her shows. My mother, who is Mama Roost, offers her experience and advice. I lack finesse, but fortunately I have two lovely ladies to guide my artistic ventures."

Currently my work has included drawing silhouettes of autumn-themed images. My finished items include functional everyday items such as paperweights, candle votives, and for the Autumn season candle holders  These items will be put up for sale in the Roost Black Autumn sale.  All items are signed and one of a kind.  I look forward to the reactions that will come. It’s also helpful if I learn of ways to improve or adapt my pieces to appeal to a larger spectrum of people.  Here's a peak of what will be available.

Thanks for  looking,
And we will see you all there at the Roost Barn located at:
6067 78th Ave SE Salem, OP 97317

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The countdown is on...

Black Autumn (A vintage inspired Halloween) is in 3 days!

I thought it might be nice to post the delish appetizers that we will be serving on Friday to tempt those taste buds into watering.  

The Haunting Menu is as follows:
Frankenstein's Elbows (curry chicken drumsticks)

Bat guano and tree bark (hummus and pita bread)

Eyeballs (Deviled Eggs)

Moldy bread (Gorgonzola apricot croistini)

Bone marrow (meringue puffs)
 Photo from Taste of Home

Dirt (brownies)

Photo from Pinterest.

Fresh lemonade and a selection of wines.  Event starts at 4:00pm on October 7th.  There is a $5 entry fee to this PRE-show event.  (This includes food and wine)


Join us on Saturday from 10:00am-3:00pm 
Free admission and creepy treats