Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Roost Reimagined presents woof couture!

 I have been so focused on what to offer for all of your wonderful "roosts" I have completely forgotten what is already a part of your "roost".  I have a little Bichon that I have had for 11 years and she has always been my first "child".

Yes in High school I was totally in love with the movie Legally Blonde (no judging) and I am totally guilty of dressing her up and yes she does have a bag that she goes everywhere with me in.  Needless to say she's a spoiled rotten dog.

Since I got her I have always hated the selection of clothing/accessories that is offered in pet stores so I have always made my own.  Recently I was out and about and several people commented on my new design and wondered were I had purchased it.  Although when I told them that I made it myself they were a bit bummed at first that they couldn't find another until I told them that I have a store and would be willing to make a custom one for them.  So the idea formed that maybe I should tackle this on a small scale.  Here is one design that I have completed.

This is the traditional one that I have always made Mandy (my dog)  It has a dual purpose first as a coat and second as a harness.  There is a stainless steel loop that you can attach the leash to.

Vintage lace accent.

Lined with cozy fleece

Adorned with chic ruffles

Currently I have sizes 
5-8 lbs
9-12 lbs
13-16 lbs

Any size is available for custom orders.

For more fabulous finds and creations by Roost Reimagined check out my facebook page HERE.  Or you can come check out my booth at the upcoming Junk Salvation Show Feb. 3rd and 4th.  Make sure to grab my coupon below for $1 off entry.