Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big make over at the barn

So I have been working all week on various projects at the barn. I am striving for a complete overhaul but I think with the time remaining before our Grand Spring Opening I am going to have to settle for a make-over instead.  I have started with taking out all my props and am down to ground zero. 

Here is a picture of the ceiling earlier today.

I have added a little elegance and whimsy with some cream Georgette sheer fabric that I salvaged from my wedding 2 years ago.  I layered the sheers and tacked it to the rafters below my existing twinkle lights.  I love how it adds so much texture.  Here is the after picture (sorry it's kinda blurry)

I have also covered 2/3rds of the barn walls with 1x6 wood fencing that I salvaged from my uncle who was building a new fence a couple years ago. (it's been sitting out behind the barn for that long just waiting for me to re-purpose it much to my parents delight)  Thanks Uncle Dave!  If anyone you know is looking to get rid of fencing I do need a bit more so let me know.

On to another project that I finished up today as well...

Remember that really cute green house that I built a couple weeks ago?  Well I sold it at the show last week but the buyer wanted to make several modifications.  So here's what we came up with just before Easter...
An adorable bunny palace!  Complete with a pull out drawer to catch the waste.  I have another on order but with a little different design.  I'll probably start that little project later next week.  I'll be sure to post the pictures of that one too.

Okay to finish this post off I thought I would do a couple BEFORE and AFTERS.  I just love the miracle of paint and hardware.




Thanks for visiting today and HAPPY EASTER!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little bit of sun = a lot of projects to be completed...

So today such a wonderful surprise!  2 days in a row for that big yellow ball in the sky to grace us with its presence.  I started the morning off with this list of all the things that I HAD to accomplish for my upcoming barn sale that is less than 2 weeks away.  I have a ton of ideas for how I want everything to come together this year.  I of course have to change EVERYTHING from last year.  But...

once I got out to the Barn my mom (Pam) was disecting an old spring mattress that we had salvaged from the coast.  After figuring out what her plans were for the rusty thing I grabbed my pliers and went to town uncoiling the springs from the frame.

About 45 minutes later we separated the coils from the frame.  We then took the frame to the garden where we had mounted posts and wired the frame to the post.  The coils will be used for another project soon to come.

Hopefully in the next several weeks Pam's Oregon Sugar Snap peas will have a run at the frame.  All in all I really liked how it turned out but I got to work doubly hard tomorrow to get some more changes done to the barn and a few more things checked off my list of MUST DO list. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A jammed packed and wonderful weekend!

 The Heritage Spring Faire was a SMASHING success! I was so excited about the show but now that it's over I can be honest... I was SUPER nervous. Although I have several shows under my belt (or shall I say apron) there is always that moment where I wonder did I do everything that needed to be done? Did I have all that I needed out? Is everyone taken care of? Did I in fact get my make-up on? All these things are running a hundred miles and hour through my brain at the time when guests are arriving. I can say that at this show I need not have worried. All the vendors in the show were wonderful! Their displays were absolutely beautiful. I did grab a few quick pictures of my space before it started but all the truly beautiful shots are soon to come from S & C photography. As soon as I get them I'll be posting them up.

 Here's a few snap shots of the food buffet