Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aunt Bee's Farmhouse Show is this weekend Roost will be there!

So I just finished my set up at the Aunt Bee's Farmhouse show.  I have 200 square feet of treasures to sell.  I also have to say that I was drooling over a lot of the merchandise that was coming in through the doors today.  I'm getting there early to hand out to the first 23 customers through the doors a Roost gift bag!  

The Details of the show are as follows:
October 27th - 28th  10-6  October 29th 10-4

Held at The Turner Tabernacle in Turner, OR
5605 Jubilee Dr SE
Turner, OR 97392

Restocked Daily!
No Admission Fee

Featured Vendors:
Vintage Finds, Furniture, Home and Garden, Original Seasonal Creations and much more!

Lunch, Lattes and Savory Treats by Cafe Venae
See you all there!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning to weld.

 I love that I have a whole auto body shop at my disposal!  It comes in so helpful in the projects that I do.  My dad restores old vintage cars for a living and so he has every tool under the sun in his shop.  Since May this year I have made it a personal goal to learn how to weld with a wire feed welder.  I have dabbled here and there with it but I've never done a whole project by myself before.  

So about a month ago my did made another "donation" to the Roost Barn.  A 1985-1990 daybed.  Looking at the thing I thought really?  A day bed what the heck am I going to do with that!  Not many of my friends are looking to buy one they're not really "THE RAGE" these days especially one that's this beat up.  Then I think back to the Molly Mo's show in August when I posted my transformation project on an old baby crib.  Do you all remember that post... it went from old broken baby crib to this:

So I thought about this bed frame as a bench and got down to work.  Having the proper tools is essential.
 I actually don't have the pictures of the frame before I started cutting and welding.  I accidentally deleted them.  But here is the frame after I cut it down to size.  I had to cut sections out off the ends of the daybed back so it would be shorter.  Then I had to cut out sections of the sides so that it would be more narrow like a bench instead of a bed.  
  Then I needed to tack weld the bars in place.
 Do to the fact that I am new at this welding thing I needed to grind off some of the weld to make it flat and smooth.
 After welding the frame together I decided to use the rails from the bed as the supports to the wood that I planned on cutting to fit inside the rails.
  Here is a picture of the bench with the wood piece that (my dad) cut to fit.
So after I got the bench together I needed to find something to fit inside the holes that the brass finials were previously in.  (I'm not a huge brass fan and they were dented and rusty in a bad way)

  I did however find some old knobs that were pulled off of a dresser in a previous make-over project.  Just goes to show, never throw anything useful away.
After inserting the knobs in the hole I painted them and did a once over with paint on the whole frame.

Here is how the finished project turned out:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Come Junk With Us Ruffles and Rust Show

Just rolled into Salem at 12:30am this wet Sunday morning and I was so super excited about the Ruffles and Rust show pictures so I just had to jump on here and download them!

This event I have been planning for for a couple weeks now.  I usually have a theme for my booth spaces but the rest I kinda "wing it" and usually it turns out pretty good.  However I usually have my mom who is super patient helping me and letting me be my creative self along the way.  Well this show she couldn't make.  I pleaded with my husband to go with me and begrudgingly he said okay.  Well he is a Type A personality and has to plan every detail.  In accepting his help he wanted me to "map out" my booth so he knew exactly where everything was going to go.  So I begrudgingly did so took the pictures of the mock up booth and packed the trailer so it would all come out the way it was to be set out.  Me being the "wing it" thought this a little over the top but hey I'm not going to turn down free help.

Well little did I know while packing the trailer I was going to pull a rib out and not be able to breath, bend, or turn my neck!  I spent all of Thursday (day of departure) trying to get to a chiropractor and massage therapist and get the rib back in.  Long story short I went, they tried, no luck!  So all in all I'm glad I did all the pre-planning like my husband wanted because we set up in record time even with me at 1/2 caliber!

Here are a few pictures of my booth at the show.  I didn't really get a chance to get any other pictures of anyone else's booth.  But all the booths were really inspiring.  It was a amazing show and the Come Junk With Us hostesses were wonderful!