Friday, April 29, 2011

Continuation of the Barn facelift.

So as the week has progressed I have made some I think incredible changes to the barn. As I have started with the ceiling of the barn (previous post) and worked down the walls I thought why not go the whole distance and cover the floor as well.

Several years back I co-owned a restaurant in Newberg, Oregon that needed and overhaul done on it as well. At that time I started with ripping out the carpet that was very timeworn and stained. We had talked about putting hardwood flooring in but it was rather costly and not that durable for restaurant wear and tear. So I looked into other options for floor covering. What I came up with was to stain the concrete that was under the existing carpet. Let me tell you once again in my mind I thought that this would be easier than it really is. I went with a 2 tone 2 application stain in espresso and terracotta. This was a very long process but well worth the effort in the end. It gave the flooring a warm and earthy feel that I was going for. However remembering the extra steps in that application process this time I opted to go with a single color. Here is how my project progressed...

Here is what I started with.  I have swept, acid etched, power washed, and dried the surface of the concrete.  Here it is after all treatments...

 Here is a picture of it with 1/4 of product applied.

Here it is after I have applied product to the whole floor and has dried.  I cannot believe what a difference this makes to the overall look of the barn.  If you didn't walk through a barn door to get inside you would never know that you were even in a barn!  I cannot wait until next week's Spring Grand Opening!  Come on out and see all my changes May 6th from 4-9pm and the 7th from 10am-2pm

Here are some room dividers that I knocked out yesturday too.  This one is before the canvas treatment was added,

This is after...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roost Reimagined does a GIVEAWAY for local fans

For a chance to win a Roost simple home line gift bag (lotion, bath salts, and lavender pouch) become a fan of Roost Reimagined or like us on Facebook. If you are already a fan don't worry you will automatically be entered. All names (fans/friends of roost) will be entered into drawing on Thursday at 10:00pm. Winner will be drawn on Friday night! Winner must show up to the barn Friday or Saturday to claim prize. Good luck and spread the word.