Thursday, August 11, 2011

List of projects...

So it seems that this month is going to be an avalanche of events, loading, traveling, unloading, staging, packing, more traveling and squeeze in the occasional creating in the mid week time.  So here I am gearing up for this Sunday for the Lake Oswego Street Faire (for more info click here) and I get out my project list of things I want to create throughout the month of August.  These are GOALS mind you not actually have to be done things (that's what I tell myself anyway)  But I thought that I would share some with you and see what you think maybe I can scratch a few off my list to create.  Also as I was cleaning up from the show at the Roost Barn I was going over my new ideas for my "Black Autumn" sale that is in October ooooooh that's going to be a goooood show!

Here's a few pics of some of the things I am planning this month
This looks like an excellent way to use up grandma's old doilies in a new upcycled way

Well Roost is used to using these old pallets but I love this new twist.  This would go great with my wicker couch set!

We had 30 empty bottles of wine from last weekend's show I thought this was a great recycled project too tackle

So obviously I am a sucker for table runners but they are so great for entertaining so I think I'll knock out a couple of these but I might add some ruffles on the ends to add a touch of Roost to them.

I found some really plain lamps out junking this week and I was trying to figure out how to jazz them up.  Here's a great idea to run with.  I'll see how this pans out I'm not quite sold on it.

 This is a personal project that I have been contemplating for quite some time.  I found my basic materials to create this I have been just waiting to see if I change my mind.  I have ALWAYS wanted a pin tuck comforter or my favorite is the "circus" duvet cover from Anthro but being a JUNKER and upcycler I can't fork over the $$$$ for one of those covers.  So I am compromising with my wallet and time by making my own.  Here's the basic idea for what it will look like.
 and topped off with this skirt
Super Roost like!  I might be kidding myself with these projects but I'll make sure to keep you all updated