Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winding down on the weekend

So I had such a wonderful weekend and it's still not quite over.  I was just so excited to share what I have been up to so far... Friday I headed up to Monroe Washington with my mom and attended the Ruffles and Rust un Marche show that Come Junk with us hosted.  These ladies really know how to throw a party.  The food was amazing, the wines were great and the inspiration and dedication that the vendors of the show provided was easy to see.  Both my mom and I had such a great time looking around at all the creative hats at the show.  I was so excited that I totally forgot to get pictures!  There was however many great photographers there to catch the rusty glamour of the show.

I purposely didn't drive my truck up to this event because I knew if I did I would come back with way too much stuff. I am maxed out on space from hoarding all winter.

I did however find a couple smalls that I couldn't do with out.

There was some great garden stakes that I got from Auntie's, a rusty iron stand from Seabold, and some scraps of fabric from another vendor.  All in all a great show! 

On Saturday I went to Martha's house from Vintage Trifles and had a wonderful time with the girls.  Martha was a wonderful hostess.  She provided a fresh European style breakfast, savory lunch and little snacks throughout the day. 

Here is my Honeymoon Passport that I created...





All the ladies that came were super creative and provided me with some great inspiration throughout the day.  I am sure Martha will be posting pictures soon of the event and the other passports so make sure to head over to her blog to see them.  Also while we were talking during the day there was mention of several other exciting classes to come so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for looking and have a great President's Day!!!