Saturday, August 21, 2010

Booth Pics

Hurray Hurray I am finished setting up for the Molly Mo's Sale TOMORROW!

I cannot believe how fast this week went by. I didn't get everything crossed off my list and the paint is literally drying on a few signs but hey it's finished! Today was absolutely wonderful. I met so many great vendors that were all setting up for the show tomorrow. I have to tell you that there are some GREAT things up for grabs at each booth and I am for sure bringing my check book to snag a few of them. I hope you all come out to see me tomorrow or should I say today as it is 12:07am and I am on her bla bla blaaaaa ing away. Short and sweat tomorrow's weather can't be beat take a great country drive out to 440 cherry st Sublimity, OR and see me and some other wonderful vendors too!

ps of course I snuck some pictures of my booth for you to drool over I wish I had time to catch some of the other booths but we left at 10:00 and it was really dark so this will have to hold you over until you come out tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wow what a wonderful sale!!!

We had such a fun time meeting friends and new customers this weekend! Thank you all for braving the heat to come out for the Wine and Dine event at the barn. We thought that it was such a great hit and had so much fun that we will be hosting another party we are titling "Gothic Glamour". My mom Pam and I were on a creative high on Friday night going over all the details of the event after everyone left for the night. We were thinking about what went really good and what we could have improved on for the October event and then we started running wild with ideas for the new theme. I simply cannot wait to start staging the barn for the next sale! I am literally bubbling over to get started. On another note I will be extremely busy this week getting ready for the Molly Mo's Sale that I am a vendor for this upcoming weekend. I have a couple projects in the works for this sale and I will be rushing to get them done and pack and still clean up the barn. So wish me luck and come and see me on this Saturday in Sublimity.