Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Save the Date for Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire

I am estatic to announce that we will be a vendor in this Summer Faire along with some other great vendors. I can't hardly wait to stock pile fantastic finds for this sale!
The 5th annual Molly Mo's Antique Faire is August 21st
8am - 4pm
Enjoy a fun filled day in the beautiful Sublimity countryside. Fabulous vendors, super prices, great food and a laid back country atmosphere await you, bring your friends!


  1. So happy to have you as a vendor Sarah, can't wait!


  2. Looking forward to the event!
    Hope it is a great success!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Got your email that you sent to us regarding your open air sale next weekend. My husband has those days off, we might just have to head on down and feast our (my) eyes! I looked over your blog, beautiful style...I love the way you display everything! I'm going to add you to my blog list so word gets out about what's happening in Salem!
    Take care...Lisa :-)


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