Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hurray Hurray I am finished setting up for the Molly Mo's Sale TOMORROW!

I cannot believe how fast this week went by. I didn't get everything crossed off my list and the paint is literally drying on a few signs but hey it's finished! Today was absolutely wonderful. I met so many great vendors that were all setting up for the show tomorrow. I have to tell you that there are some GREAT things up for grabs at each booth and I am for sure bringing my check book to snag a few of them. I hope you all come out to see me tomorrow or should I say today as it is 12:07am and I am on her bla bla blaaaaa ing away. Short and sweat tomorrow's weather can't be beat take a great country drive out to 440 cherry st Sublimity, OR and see me and some other wonderful vendors too!

ps of course I snuck some pictures of my booth for you to drool over I wish I had time to catch some of the other booths but we left at 10:00 and it was really dark so this will have to hold you over until you come out tomorrow.

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