Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tour of Washington and Barn House Inspiration

I braved the thousands of people that went up North to Battleground this last weekend and took my first-timer mom with me to the Barn House Sale. We loved it! I couldn't believe the masses of people that there were. I had not been to a sale that big before and it was CRAZY. There was so much to look at. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the wonderful vendors both known and unknown to me and I found some great finds and amazing ideas. After we left the BH sale we went to our friends the Uncovered Ruby's Flea Market that was just around the corner from the BH sale and I found just what I was looking for some vintage market carts and of course a whole lot more once I saw one thing than there was another and then my mom wanted that and that and we didn't realize until we got everything to the car and had to repack it 3 times that maybe we should have stopped a table or screen back. But as we laughed and laughed at ourselves we eventually got it all in and set out again. I was so excited at this point I didn't think the day could get better. My mom and I were using our touch and go GPS system and got back on our tour of Washington when we happened upon a Lavender Festival going on with gifts, paintings, food and the ultimate reason for stopping WINE TASTING! After several "tastes" and a couple garden burgers later we jumped back in the car. Although tempted by the hundred or so garage sale signs we kept to the path and eventually made it home(as a car was busting at the seams). I was so stoked about my market cart that I stayed up late just to finish the liner I was making for the cart. I LOVE how it turned and can't wait to have it at the next sale for someone to snatch up. All in all a wonderful day with mom and a huge dose of inspiration for our upcoming Barn Sale on August 13th.

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