Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vendor Profile - Vitae Springs Winery

I will be in dire need of this vendor on opening day of the Holiday Heritage Faire. For you wine lovers out there the show is proud to have Vitae Springs Winery joining the show.

"Our vineyard is tucked away in a beautiful setting in the fertile Willamette Valley. We are firm believers that producing high quality wine starts with careful attention to detail in the vineyard. Our family is deeply committed to farming our land and vines by hand, using sustainable agricultural practices. We focus on producing limited amounts of intriguing Riesling and elegant Pinot Noir. Our wines are meant to be paired with good food, friends and family... Whether you are gathered together around the dinner table at home or out on the town, it is our hope that you enjoy Vitae Springs with the warmth of lively conversation and plenty of laughter."
"Our family was among the first to plant a vineyard in the Willamette Valley and we are proud to have some of the oldest vines in the region. Each season we are challenged with the art of cultivating grapes and we are blessed with the special gift we receive each harvest. We are dedicated to nurturing the highest quality of fruit to create terrior-driven, expressive and outstanding wines."

The estate grown fruit is now farmed and managed by the second generation – Joel VanVolkinburg, who grew up among the vines. His knowledge and expertise allow him to understand the vineyards potentials and strengths. Joel leads a highly skilled vineyard crew who help assist with the daily activities and techniques such as pruning, tying down, caring for the trellis systems, maintaining weed control, tilling ground cover into the soil, tucking the vines up into the vertical trellis, shoot thinning, training the canes, hedging the canopy, dropping the crop to maximize ripeness of the fruit and of course… hand harvesting!

"We maintain an elevated standard with our farming practices and respect the growth of vines and what Mother Nature brings to us each year. Our goal in the vineyard is to simply allow each block to express its individual character without interfering or manipulating the fruit. For more than 20 years we have sold grapes to other wineries and we are proud to have long-term contracts with some of the finest producers in the region."
To contact them directly:
Contact: Michelle VanVolkinburg
3675 Vitae Springs Road,
Salem, OR 97306
Fax: 503.581.3958
or visit them online at

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  1. Vitae Springs Pinot is my very very favorite!! That is awesome that you are having them at the HHF!!


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