Monday, January 24, 2011

Head above water...

So I saw these really great Styrofoam mannequin heads with newspaper plastered all over them in a wig shop a while back.  They were the perfect balance of retro and vintage.  Thinking that this was a very creative idea I stored it in the back of my mind for a later date.  I was recently in a thrift shop and I came across a head for $2 and thought now would be a great time to try something new.  Here is how my project developed...


                                                             HEAD                            PAPER
For glue I used Mog Podge
(you can use plain Elmer's glue it just doesn't give as good of a satin finish to the project) 
To apply the glue I used a foam application brush.  

I started out my project by gently covering the head with a little of the glue. Then started to tear the paper into strips that I laid across the surface of the head.  I was having a little bit of a time with the glue being so thick so I decided to water down the glue down so that it wouldn't tear the delicate pattern paper so much.

 After I covered the whole head with the paper I used the thick glue to do a finishing coat on the whole surface of the head.

This is how it turned out after it dried...
I still feel like it needs a little something else so I think I'll make a big chunky ruffle collar tomorrow. 
We'll see but my vintage hats will love a place to strut their stuff. 



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