Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Farmhouse Sale in Turner, Oregon

 So I was so bummed yesterday...  I went out to the Turner Tabernacle to help Dianne of Molly Mo's set up for the Farmhouse Show and I was so overwhelmed with all the goodies and eye candy that was coming through the door I completely forgot to get pictures of the event.  Then today as I walked through the door then again the same thing happened!  I was so excited about this and that I forgot to grab the pictures again!  So for all my blogger friends I am sorry for letting you down. 

I don't have the photos of the show but I still can tell you how great of a show it is.  All of you locals have to check it out!  Make sure you hit Mandy up at Cafe Venae for a latte.  Her red velvet cupcakes with cloudburst frosting are AMAZING!

Yum Yum

 Here's what I came away with...

Proudly perched on my mantle already

And I am always looking for wire and steel to help with my merchandising

Here's the info on the show
May 19th - 20th 10am - 6pm

May 21st 10am - 4pm

Turner Tabernacle Church
5605 Jubilee Dr SE
Turner, OR 97392

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  1. oh did they change the dates for the farmhouse show? the email from aunt bee's says may 3rd-5th...with early bird may 2nd 6-8 with 7.00 fee only for that preview night, other days free....ohhh i don't want to miss it...


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