Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New rack cards are on the way

So I have have been waiting on these rack cards for 3 weeks with this new company that I was referred to and well I am STILL waiting...  It's pretty bad when 3/4 of the information on the card is now invalid.  So I finally called the company, waited on hold for 26 minutes, (yes I am one of those who actually keeps track of how long things take) to get passed to another person, who passes me to a voicemail to someone on "lunch"  who calls me back a day later and tells me to re-send my images in another form.... Then tells me it will be another 2 weeks until they actually reach my house.  This is why I love Vista Print click download, pay, and they arrive on my doorstep within a week at the longest(granted more expensive then the competition)  They still actually make it. 

Here is my newest image for my brand new rack cards.  Guaranteed to be on my porch in 2 days!
Yes that is the abundance of corks that we have consumed at the Roost Events
(ok mixed with my personal stash too)

Excited to have them on the way...

Don't forget Camas Antique Street Faire is this Saturday from 9am-4pm click here for more information.

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