Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Roost Events for 2012

I was surprised to find looking back upon this year how many events that Roost Reimagined was a part of.  I knew that throughout the year I always felt busy but it never popped into my brain to actually count out how many things I was a part of.  Well looking through my list of 15 different shows I thought to myself that's pretty amazing!  I had such a blast meeting new friends and customers.  I cannot wait to get started with this year!  I did however decide to shift somethings around this year.  There will be some big changes for Roost this year and I will keep everyone updated throughout the year but for now here is my calendar of events for 2012

February 3rd and 4th
Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation in Hillsboro 

April 20th and 21st
Heritage Spring Faire and Tea in Salem at the Mission Mill

April 27th and 28th
Plucky Maidens Junk Fest at the Columbia Conference Center Portland
May 4th and 5th
Grand Spring Opening at the Roost Barn

May 10th and 12th
Ruffles and Rust show Monroe, WA

June 2nd and 3rd
Farm Chicks Spokane, WA

August 3rd and 4th
Summer Flea Market at the Roost Barn

August 12th
Sixpence Lake Oswego Antique Faire

August (TBD)
Plucky Maidens Junk Fest

August 18th
Molly Mo's Antique Faire Sublimity, OR

August 25th
Camas Antique Street Faire

September 14th and 15th
Deepwood Vintage Flea Market Salem, OR

November 16th-18th
Heritage Holiday Faire Salem Mission Mill

(These are all tentative dates as most events are not yet confirmed by hosts of events.  
This calendar is based off of last years events)

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  1. Looks like a lot of great shows ahead of you!!

    Mark @ room363


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