Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Heritage Faire Vendor Profile

I am so exited about the upcoming Holiday Heritage Faire! I wanted to spend a little time on the "people" that is going to make this event possible. I want to introduce them individually and tell a little about them. All of our vendors in the show are local in the Salem and Portland areas.

Vendor Profile
Danner & Soli

Danner & Soli is a gift shop located inside the Historic Mission Mill Museum in Salem, Oregon. They carry a wide variety of merchandise from antiques to semi-precious jewelry. Enjoy the atmosphere of the historic Thomas Kay Woolen Mill while strolling through their displays.

Many of you might wonder what Danner & Soli is named for. I always thought that it was the last names of the people that owned it but i am here to suprise you there is only ONE super creative and wonderful lady that owns this delightful store and her name is Shirleen Bell. So I asked her what was the background on the name was and she kinda smiled and said that the names are that of her really great friends.... her horses Danner and Soli. I thought that was pretty fitting that her store is full of country and rustic merchandise and she named it after her horses nestled in the country.
If you get a chance to stop by the store before the faire it is located at:
1313 Mill Street SE
Salem, OR 97302
Or check out their blog
and of course they are on Facebook to0!

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