Monday, November 1, 2010

New Holiday Merchandise at Girls Back Porch...

Wow! I cannot believe how fast the seasons change in this "retail world". What happened to Thanksgiving? Did we already have it? I was thinking this very thought today as I was revamping my booth at Girls Back Porch. Have I just been so busy creating wonderful finds for Christmas and the holidays that I missed Thanksgiving? But no... the bright orange Cinderella Pumkin on my counter says no. I am pleased as pie to say that the "Girls" and I had a blast getting ready for the holiday season and with a few final touches my booth is almost ready. Here's a couple sneaker peaks...
8030 Wheatland Road. Keizer Oregon 97303

Now I'm off tomorrow to move my location in Aunt Bee's House.

Come see if you can find out where I moved?

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  1. oh, my....
    my very talented friend Miss Karen is also moving into Aunt Bee's! I need to find this shop next time I'm in the area!


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