Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and a FRESH Start

There will be several changes for Roost this year. To start I am changing my events at the barn this year from monthly to quarterly starting with our grand Opening in May. With this change it opens some doors for me to be able to concentrate on doing more offsite shows which I have learned to LOVE! I will be posting my calendar this week for the events that I will be concreatly participating in this year.

Another change which some of you might have noticed if you visited my booth at Girls Back Porch this week is that I have moved out. This was a bittersweet move for me because I love the "Girls" there but with everything else that I have going I couldn't keep my booth looking 100% and I had to let something go before I slipped into a comma trying to keep up. I am super excited to see the changes that will be going on in the store as there is a new owner and some great new vendors moving in.

I spent all day in my quaint little room at Aunt Bee's House today and took EVERYTHING out of the whole room and replaced it with spring garden wonder! I hope that you enjoy browsing through there and let me know what you think. I forgot to snap some pictures so I'll get them tomorrow and post them later.

My first off site show this year will be the Junk Salvation Show in Portland on February 5th. For more information on the show and who will be there check out

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