Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving day!

So today was quite the day.  I started out with so much ambition and excitement.  I LOVE the last couple days before a show.  There is always the scramble to complete projects, the impromptu things that get thrown together and look amazing, and of course the occasional breakage that is always sad to find. 

However today I was thrown a curve ball in the shape of my son Ethan calling from school saying he was sick.  Not the kind of day I had planned but I rushed home (as I was already knee deep in boxes at the barn) and picked him up from school.  I ended up getting a lot of snuggles and hugs which he rarely gives me and some household chores done that I had put on the back burner do to the sale this weekend. 

After my husband got home from work I dashed off to the barn to reclaim my ambition and excitement and found it there among the boxes and boxes and boxes that are piled high.  I have so much more to unpack and arrange and I hope I can get through it all in time. 

Just a reminder this Friday night from 4-9pm wine, food, and shopping at the barn

6067 78th Ave SE Salem, OR 97317

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  1. I love hearing about your family Sarah. Hope Ethan is doing better, but I'm glad he gave you snuggles and loves. :)


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