Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roost Projects

Recently I have been on the hunt for some garden art for my tomato plants and sweat peas to climb and everything that I have ADORED has been about $18-$20 each stake.  For me this is a little much for a seasonal item especially when I need 3 of them.  

 So here is me being cheap and still maintaining my chic vintage look even in my garden. 

 I took the door knobs cut them in half and welded them to the re-bar whole project took about 15 minutes.

This project cost me $6 and I got 3 garden stakes out of that expense. I will tell you that normally vintage door knobs depending on the size and design are around $10-$30 for a pair.  However I happen to get mine from my grandma in a box that she was getting rid of.  The re-bar is about $2 each piece at Lowe's or Dome Depot.  So if you were going to tackle this project it would likely cost you closer to $20 for (2)  But still is a much cheaper option for garden art!

Thanks for checking in today! 

I'll be posting more pictures of some soft goods that I am sewing for the Farm Chicks Show in less than 2 weeks.

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