Monday, August 15, 2011

Six Pence Puts on an AMAZing Vintage Market.

This Sunday Six Pence put on a wonderful Antique and Vintage Flea Market.  I was lucky enough to be invited into the show and had a blast being there.  Although I am still recovering!  My husband and I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and took off with our 8 year old to the show.  We arrived in the dark to set up our booth at 5:00 am.  No I didn't think to bring flash lights but I will keep this in mind for the Camas Street Faire in a couple weeks.  Usually waking up early isn't a problem being a gal that has to finish up all my loose ends I was working on stuff until 1:30am!  All in all we made it through the day and unpacked to go through stuff and repack more items for the next weekend. 

Mama Roost and I will be heading to Sublimity for the Molly Mo's Show on Saturday August 20th.   

Here are a couple pictures of my booth and a few of a project I finished today...

I scored some really great finds at the Six Pence show and junked all weekend for the upcoming show.
I bought this AMAZING old French style baby crib at the show this last weekend and today I did an upcycled project to it.  All materials used in this project were upcycled from other things.

Here is the finished settee perfect for the foot of your bed or wonderful in a quaint sun room

Yes I had to snap this picture of my french dog on the french settee.  She has some class doesn't she?



  1. Sarah you are so talented! You lucky girl you got to shop! It is just as well that I didn't LOL. I love the upcycled crib. I'll have my upcycled printer's drawer to show you and Mama Roost this weekend! Good luck getting ready!

  2. I so enjoyed your booth at the faire...i loved the display...i loved your product...and i loved seeing you work together with your family! Your crib/made settee is adorable...I have one waiting for my front porch...


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