Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak Peaks of what I've been up to

I have been working hard all weekend and today with my creations for the Heritage Holiday Faire.  This year my focus was to work with what I had.  So!  I pulled down all my leftover Christmas merchandise that didn't sell from last year and sat down and pondered.  Well needless to say there was A LOT to ponder (6 FULL boxes)  So I got my supplies out and worked away here are a few pictures of what came out of the fairy dust.

These are antique music scrolls that I embellished with a vintage spoon and some glittery florals

These are vintage wire sock forms that I attached "stockings" to.  
Stockings are made out of an old tablecloth.

These were all leftovers that I made an arrangement out of.


This again was another arrangement that I put together with miscellaneous pieces that were leftover from last year.  I love how these new pieces came together.  It just goes to show that everyone can do a leftover or makeover Christmas each year.

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you all at the Heritage Holiday Faire!  

It all starts this Friday at 5-8pm with a Pre-show party. 
This event is $7 and includes wine by Duck Pond Vinyards and appetizers.

Free Admission
General Show Hours are
Saturday  10am to 6pm
Sunday   10am to 3pm

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  1. looks great Sarah!! I reworked some ornaments I had in last year- kinda fun to redo some pieces, huh? Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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