Friday, December 16, 2011

Roost is now offering event rental and design.

Here is another party that I was actually the Hostess at.

9TH Birthday Party
Theme: Superheroes Unite Birthday party
Vintage and retro meets corny batman.

My son was turning 9 and he wanted a Superhero party.  Well the first thing that popped into my mind was all those party place themed stuff or a party in the box.  However that's not really the way that I roll so I pondered how I could throw a more "vintage" or "retro" style of event and still make all those kids "super" excited.  Everything in these pictures was handmade by me exclusively for this event.  All paper products (stickers, signs, graphics) were created by me with a simple design program called Print Shop Deluxe

Here is what came out at the end...

These letters are available at Jo-Ann fabrics for 3.99 each.  I just scanned vintage comics and printed them out and decoupaged them onto the cardboard letters.

These capes were made by me and cost around $2 each.  The masks were from a local party store called PartyMart.  They were $1.16 each

These were super cute! I had originally planned on making capes for each of these bottles but of course bit off more than I could chew and ran out of time, but I think they still ended up turning out cute.

Of course if there are kids you cannot NOT have a candy station right?   The individual candy bags I got at a local candy shoppe called Sugar Sugar you can find them on Facebook here.  Graphics on bags were added after purchase

So I ended up running all over town for these little pez and eventually found them at Fred Meyer but they were $1.50 each and they only had 8, so on my way out to the barn I stopped at the local Dollar Tree and found the rest that I needed and they were only ...... $1.  While I was there I happened to look around and I found these really great vintage inspired comic books that came 2 to a pack for ..... yes, $1

I'm not really a great cake maker so I passed the baton onto my mom for the birthday cake.  I wanted the cake to be super simple so we went with a 9 inch cake in butter-cream frosting in yellow with a teal "dot" border.  I printed the little graphics out in Print Shop and cut them out and attached them to sticks.  (cake was inspired by pinterest)
So these jello cups were really fun and as a little embellishment I added the striped straws.  The really funny thing was it didn't dawn on me that the kids didn't think of the straws as embellishment they thought that they were really supposed to "drink" the jello.  It was so funny watching them trying to suck the jello up the straw.  My son who by now is used to my quirky "food accessories" was like "my mom just did that for looks"  they all kinda looked at me as if I was trying to play a joke on them.

This banner again was made with Print Shop where I designed the little grey shape and added the letter.  I then backed each letter with yellow felt and hole punched each corner and laced black ribbon through the holes to create a fun theme banner. (banner inspired by pinterest)

I'm not super fond of balloons in general, but for a kids party I felt that they gave good texture to the event.  I love the contemporary feel to them as they are all lined up and the same height on the tables.

All in all it was a wonderful party and to top it off we built a zip-line for the kids to fly down and Robin came for a short visit too.

Thanks for checking my DIY Superhero Birthday party

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  1. It looks like you guys had tons of fun and your son seems very happy. Last year I was with my son in Argentina when it was his birthday. I had got several furnished apartments in buenos aires so I decided to throw him a party there with the friends ahd had made in the vacation. It was original!


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