Thursday, December 15, 2011

Roost is now offering event rental and design.

Roost/I have been super busy this last 6 weeks that's part of being M-I-A in the blog world.  I know that I haven't posted any pictures of the Heritage Holiday Faire yet and I am super sorry... However I am super excited to post some pictures of several events that I have designed and put on at the Roost Barn.  So here they are:

40th Birthday Party
Theme: Southern Gentleman with a western vintage twist
This party is by FAR one of the most fun parties I have ever planned.  The Hostess was amazing to work with (happens to be a friend of mine) and her guests were so fun!  She even got a live 5 man band that was really good.  Here are some highlights of the event

 Mini Apple pies made from scratch out of the Roost Kitchen

 Chocolate covered gooey caramels

 Mini Southern Pecan Pies from the Roost Kitchen

 Now these were something I haven't tried before and yes I had to steal one.  Chocolate covered potato chips.  And yes they were really good!

 This was a really great idea for the RSVP card for the party.  She did an ad lib card.  You fill in the blanks to make a really funny story about the birthday boy.  

 Lots of comfy seating... unless you are like me and allergic to hay. 

 Got to have the Monogram in there!

 I love these cake stands.  I made them a couple days before the party and I can't wait to use them for spring!  I think that a woodland themed easter would be fun to do.

 Can't have a southern party without the Southern Sweet Tea!

Very simple centerpieces for the cocktail tables

 I love this idea... Whiskey bar!  All the best stuff served straight or on the rocks.

 But if you didn't ant whiskey they had these wonderful hot spiced apple tini's

  Adam's Ribs was there with their onsite BBQ.  OH my word if you haven't had their brisket or chicken...  Fingerlicken GOOD!  You can click here for more information on their restaurant and catering.

  Sarah from Studio Sub Dio was there doing her amazing photo booth.  For more information on Studio Sub Dio and their rates click here.
 Here was her bag of tricks for this event...

 This was a super fun and SPECTACULAR event at the Roost Barn!


  1. Wow! You are doing such fun stuff! Will you be doing the Junk Salvation Show in Hillsboro this February? Merry Christmas to you and yours. xoxo, Chris/Momma

  2. Yep I'll be there! You doing it again this year too? Only a few short weeks to go...

  3. Looks like fun! Hope to see you out and about this coming season! Voondi Nest/Cher


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