Sunday, January 5, 2014

A FIRST year... A LONG year... A NEW year

A FIRST year...  

This year was a year full of FIRSTS for me.  I have had my FIRST and only daughter Audrey who is my source of inspiration for my FIRST "couture" clothing line BABY ROOST.

Trying to find clothes that would grow with my child throughout her first year of life was a HUGE challenge.  Trying to find clothing that were neutral colored and timeless was quite another.  As a personal goal in my life I am trying to be more conscience of cost, shopping and supporting local stores and decreasing the "footprint" that babies create.  In trying to keep with these goals I was forced to look outside the box for her wardrobe.  I started gathering bed linens, bed skirts, old skirts that had tears or were outdated, curtains, pillowcases, basically anything that was neutral and pretty.  I wanted to create patterns that I knew would be able to grow with Ms. A throughout her first year.  What could start out as a cute dress could then become a top.  I received a wonderful response from people when I took her out in public.  They would ask where I got it and how beautiful it was.  BABY ROOST was then born.  A clothing line that sprung from my love of all things vintage, lace, ruffles, recycled and neutral in color.

A LONG year...
This year was a LONG year...  Do I really need to say more...  Oh but I will... I have a toddler and a budding "tween" (kid between 10-12).  Although my business is very important to me my family life means more.  Taking a step back this year has been hard for me.  Learning to balance my life again as mommy, wife, business owner, and not to be forgotten being a friend to those closest to me has been a challenge that I didn't expect.  I knew in the back of my mind that having another baby was going to change things.  In case I hadn't processed the fact many of my friends would remind me throughout my pregnancy that I would have to "slow down".  But I had gotten so used to the way things were.  I thought I could keep going at that pace.

An 11 year old boy has their challenges but all in all he's a great kid.  Being a wife... well no one says that's it's easy, but having someone to stand by you is amazing.  Being a friend has become as natural as well lets say walking... as you DO need to learn some basic things about friendship but it's not as fundamental as breathing lol!  Being a business owner was a bit more of a challenge for me but I've hobbled along and enjoyed the journey.  Putting them all together and creating a "healthy life" has been hard this year.  Make's the days seem just a little bit LONG sometimes.

A NEW year!
So as I sit down here and try to iron out my 2014 show schedule for this NEW year.  I am taking all of these things that I have learned throughout this year into account.  I have decided that I will be downsizing my show schedule this year.  My hope is to launch a NEW web based business sometime within 2014 to fill the void of having to let go of some of the shows that I love.

So SALUTE! to the NEW Year...

Be sure to check out my 2014 calendar page for the events that I will be participating in this year.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support,

Roost Reimagined

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  1. Your daughter is really pretty and your pictures are amazing :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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